Waterproof Backpack with LED Display


Waterproof Backpack with LED Display

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Waterproof Backpack with LED Display

Waterproof Backpack with LED Display. Waterproof Single Shoulder Laptop Backpack. LED Display Screen Advertising Light App Control Smart and Wireless Wifi with a mobile phone. Multi-function School Bag, fits a laptop too!
This Waterproof Backpack with LED Display has the following features. Colorful display screen, upload fonts or pictures you want to express, the system comes with text, pictures, GIF animation, easy and convenient editing template operation. Support for custom content, make and upload your favorite content anytime, anywhere. In case of emergency, the color display screen can be displayed to remind and ask for help from surrounding people. For romantic love, you can show the person you like on the display and express your love bravely. Trendy front-end, cool colored lights make you the focus of everyone's attention. Nightclub artifacts more quickly and attract the eyes with the fancy displays and patterns you can install. The use of waterproof fabric is to protect the LED screen. The ergonomic design keeps the back and shoulders in a comfortable position at all times. More application scenarios. Make the blitz with your own led light designs you can install with your mobile phone.
Product Specification:
Front piece: nylon composite waterproof material
Back piece: Oxford spinning
Backpack size: 43 x 30 x 13 cm / 16.93*11.81*5.12" inch
Screen size: 25 x 25 cm / 9.84*9.84" inch
Support points: 64 x 64 full-color dot matrix screen
Point spacing: P3.75 spacing
Power supply mode: mobile power supply
Rated voltage: 5V/2A
Communication method: Bluetooth-compatible
Program support: text, pictures, GIF animation
Support picture animation size: 64*64 pixels, 72 resolution
Remarks: 10000 mA mobile power can be used continuously for 6-7 hours (for reference only)
Package Includes:
1x Waterproof Backpack with LED Display

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Led lights



Wirless control

Yes by mobile phone

Programmable Led lights

Play Text, Animation, or advertising


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